About US Pioneer

Combining over 65 years of experience and innovation, U.S. Pioneer, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of switches, lighting fixtures, receptacles, junction boxes, terminal boxes, loudspeakers and other electrical equipment for naval ships. Manufacturing in titanium, brass, stainless steel and molded plastic, U.S. Pioneer, Inc offers more product lines than any other supplier in the industry.

Naval Lighting Fixtures

US Pioneer History

1925 Leon Lapidus forms U.S. Metal Products, Inc. in Manhattan. Principal products manufactured are automobile accessories. The company uses the trademark "U.S. Pioneer"
1936 Isadore Pertofsky founds Modern Metal Manufacturing Company in Manhattan. Principal products manufactured are architectural lighting fixtures.
  World War II - Both U.S. Metal Products and Modern Metal manufacture shipboard electrical equipment for the U.S. Navy.
1944 Modern Metal and U.S. Pioneer move to Brooklyn.
1967 Les Lapidus moves from U.S. Metal Products to Modern Metal. U.S. Metal Products transfers all Navy tooling to Modern Metal.
1968 Modern Metal bought by Sola Basic Industries and moved to its Tulsa, Oklahoma division, Nelson Electric.
1986 Hardware products division of Nelson Electric sold to its competitor, Winchester Industries.
1986 Les Lapidus forms U.S. Pioneer, Inc.
1993 NMP Corp. acquires U.S. Pioneer, Inc. and Williams & Watts, Inc., Nova Division (formerly Winchester Industries). Les Lapidus appointed Vice President and General Manager of the Navy symbol products division.
1996 NMP Corp. purchases the Hardware products line from Tabet Manufacturing.
1996 NMP Corp. acquires Roflan and Peter Gray Corporation.
1997 NMP Corp. purchases Navy fluorescent product line from Aqua Signal.
July 1999 U.S. Pioneer, Inc. is re-formed and acquires the Hardware Products line of NMP Corp. including the tooling, first article approvals, designs and inventory of:
  • Modern Metal Manufacturing
  • U.S. Pioneer, Inc.
  • Williams & Watts, Inc., Nova Division (formerly Winchester Industries)
  • Roflan
  • The Hardware products line of Tabet Manufacturing.
  • The Navy fluorescent product line of Aqua Signal
July 2009 U. S. Pioneer Celebrates 10 years as the leader in U. S. Navy electrical Components.